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  1. To Frame or not to Frame a Painting

    Framing is generally best using a canvas board for a painting, these are around 3-5mm thick and sit inside a frame without glass.  Regular and box canvas are a thicker style of canvas and are best used without a frame, although a new 'floating' frame style will fit around these too.  A floating frame leaves a gap around the canvas edge so it looks as if the canvas is 'floating' within the frame. This will suit a more modern style of painting.

    Acrylic paintings do not require glass as long as the painting has a varnish protecting the surface. Glass will create 'sweating' of the paint and can cause condensation. 

    Elloby Arts uses 'Regent Print and Frame' in Warwickshire as their preferred framing specialists. They have a huge variety of frames and each frame is made professionally by hand in house.  Pop along if you have any framing requirements as they are a nice friendly bunch.