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  1. A lot of people ask me the same question, "Why would I want a painting, when I can get a larger photo?"  The problem is, a lot of photographs are of poor quality and they simply cannot be enlarged as the quality will get poorer and very pixilated.

    I work from not only digital photographs but from paper photographs, sometimes many decades old.  People who have lost a loved one or a cherished pet approach me wanting to recreate a photo before it gets more damaged and the image and memory is lost.

    That is the power and purpose of my art work, to creatively preserve the memory, whatever and whoever it is so it is not lost forever.

  2. What should I choose? Watercolour or acrylic paint?

    Watercolour paintings can fade over time and generally require glass in a frame to protect the painting as any moisture can reactivate the paint and it can run.  They have a much thinner, transluscent look and the painting and colours can blend and merge well with water added to the paint.  Watercolours can produce a more delicate painting.

    Acrylic paintings do not need glass to cover them in a frame. Acrylic is thermoplastic and once dry cannot be made to run with water or moisture. They can have a bolder and more opaque quality on the paper or canvas. Acrylics can be sealed with varnishes to help give them archival quality and can be UV and fade resistant.